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Become a Reporter of CMA TIMES
(CMA TIMES Reporter)
Dear Martial Artist,
With due reverences,its our great pleasure to inform you that "CMA Times" & "COMPLETE MARTIAL ART" which is approved by the "NATIONAL CAPITAL DELHI PRESS & BOOK ACT 1867 and information & Broadcasting Ministry, Govt. of India is getting tremendous popularity not only in India but also in other Countries. NO DOUBT, there is only the one way to get authentic coverage of different Martial Arts style through our publication "CMA Times" & "COMPLETE MARTIAL ART". Our main object has to present pure Martial Arts and their different styles of Combat Techniques and aware the people about it. So that India also to be a powerfull in the World of Martial Arts.
All the honorable intellectual people of Martial Arts are invited for evaluation of Martial Arts with this esteem News Paper and Magazine. It is beneficial for you and your Martial Arts Style. We have no objection from any person who related for any styles of Martial Arts. But he should be devoted for growth of Martial Arts.
Eligibility : Any educated Martial Artists or any person who devoted to Martial Arts (Male & Female) Press Reporter will be appointed by the CMA Times & Complete Martial Art for all region whose colleagues will be Assistant Press Reporter, Correspondent, Assistant Correspondent & Feature writer at all post from 5 to 10 and only two Press Photographer or Agent & Ad. Representative also at the post. All of these are appointed for active post for different kind of work or effect.
Authorized officers from the CMA Times & Complete Martial Art will has to set up a local office and get printed his letter head, Visiting Card, Signs Board and Name Plate and will also has to be command on the activities of all Martial Arts Instructor and Players & he will has to inform about their activity to the Head Office also.
1. Your Article/Report/News etc. to be published first of all.
2. You can Contact or Reports to the office without any obstruction.
3. Preference to be given to your ideas and suggestion.
4. Press I. Card to be issued by you from Delhi Office and your Photo also to be published in the representative page with brief detail about yourself.
5. You can earn economic benefit and improve your written skill to get published your article in the our publication. [You will be given payment only on your research base article by the CMA Network].
6. CMA Network Press Reporter can take interview of any famous Martial Art Instructor, Players or any officers without any formalities.
7. You can get your vehicle written PRESS and you can also use your name card, letter head, stump etc. for the public interest.
8. Press I. Card Fee is Rs. 1000/- for CMA Times & 2000/- Rs. is for COMPLETE MARTIAL ART Reporter.
9. You can be a selected for permanent post of Reporters on the behalf of your excellence work and you will be paid monthly salary by CMA Network.
If you are ready to be a part of India's Leading Martial Arts News Paper & Magazine "CMA Times" & "COMPLETE MARTIAL ART" than take a "PRINT OUT" of Reporter Application & send it to with appropriate fee. After receiving your application form, you will receive I. Card, Authority Letter and every issue of CMA Times & COMPLETE MARTIAL ART at free of cost.


Yours in Martial Arts
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